Custom Kitchens remodeling in Naples

Step-by-Step Kitchen Renovation or Remodeling

At Real Rock Company, we make kitchen renovations easy and efficient, guiding you through three simple steps: consulting, planning, and installation. Our process ensures that every detail aligns with your vision and stays within your budget.

Understanding Your Needs

We take the time to fully understand your requirements, offering practical solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our goal is to create a kitchen space that is both functional and beautiful.

Customer-Focused Renovations in Naples, Florida

Our kitchen renovation services in Naples are designed with the customer in mind. We manage every project meticulously, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Custom Kitchen Design in Southwest Florida

Bringing Your Dream Kitchen to Life

Our team excels at designing and building custom kitchens that reflect your personal style and preferences. Whether you have a lavish or modest budget, we can create a kitchen that fits your needs perfectly in Naples.

Unique and Personalized Kitchens

Every custom kitchen we create is tailored to your specifications, making it uniquely yours. We also offer assembly services for kitchens purchased from other retailers.

Design Tips for Your Kitchen

Keep It Simple and Bright

When designing your kitchen, simplicity and bright colors are key. Popular choices include light pink, green, or white creams. For a modern flair, consider adding a complementary color accent on a backsplash.

Harmonize with Adjacent Spaces

One common pitfall is designing a kitchen without considering the adjacent spaces. Even the most beautiful kitchen can look out of place if it doesn’t harmonize with the rest of the house.

We specialize in Stone Countertops for Kitchen

Choose the Perfect Stone in Real Rock Company

Stone countertops are a durable and luxurious choice for any kitchen. Options like marble, granite, quartzite, and quartz not only offer durability and easy maintenance but also add a natural and elegant touch to your space.

Custom Kitchens in Naples, Florida

The Heart of Your Home

Your kitchen should be the heart of your home, a space that’s both functional and inviting. At Stone and Top, we specialize in handcrafted, fitted kitchens that serve as the central gathering place in your home.

Our Process

Comprehensive Design Approach

Our kitchen design process starts with examining your space, lighting, and unique requirements. We welcome all ideas, photos, and sketches, no matter how basic. This helps us create the best kitchen layout for you. We also advise on the optimal placement of key services and appliances, minimizing stress and ensuring efficiency. Additionally, we can provide necessary electrical and plumbing drawings.

Ready to Transform Your Kitchen?

Contact us today for a free in-home estimate in Naples, Florida, or send us a picture and your ideas via email for a rough estimate. Let's create the kitchen of your dreams!

Our kitchen projects

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