Why Stone Countertops?

What is Granite?



Granite is an igneous rock of volcanic origin and is composed of 30% quartz and 60% feldspar, which give it a high ? range in hardness. It is very resistant to high wear and tear, with superior abrasion resistance and compressive strength. It is available in a wide range of colors. Historically, it is used to be available only in a homogeneous grain; nowadays, it is accessible in veined and patterned varieties. Granite is an excellent material, not only for internal building use but also for external one, because of its hardness and resistant to all types of weather.

What is Marble?



Is a calcareous rock a mid-range in its hardness, formed usually by fine grain crystals. This composition contributes to a mirror like polish finish, which is exceptional in stone. It is suitable for internal use.

What is Travertine?



It is a porous calcareous rock. Travertine may vary in color, from white to silver ? grey, to yellow, red, and dark brown. Easy to work: the surface is suitable for a honed, polished or antiqued finish. It is mainly used for internal applications; however it can also be used externally in warm climates.

What is Quartzide?



Quartzite has the same physical ? mechanical features as granite. It has high ? range hardness, and is often used in similar external applications to granite depending on the particular type. It is suitable for internal applications.

What is Onyx?



Is a calcareous material with a very fine, tight grain and many veins running concentrically to one to another. Translucent stone is synonymous with luxury living and has been used to decorate the houses of the rich and famous people. It takes a high polish which is part its great beauty.

What is Quartz?



Quartz is silicon dioxide and it occurs as individual crystals and fine-grained masses in a large variety of forms, patterns, and colors. It is naturally hard and scratch resistant. Most quartz countertops are manufactured with up to 93 percent quartz mixed with pigments and resins. This prescribed mixture results in a product that is non-porous, exceedingly durable, and more than twice as strong as granite.